This is 3 of 40 weekly PoPs (Places of Pause). OUR FOCUS: The Boom of YOU – and YOUR Life.

I don’t know about you, but when I find myself in a dreamless state or a place of drip-drop dreams, I play it safe. I hide and isolate myself from my trusted tribe, those who inspire and support me. Fear takes hold and courage—whoosh—is gone.

Day-to-day endeavors become laborious and heavy. Work is hard—too hard. I might be doing lots of good stuff, but the DOing is forced and compressed. It seems there is not enough of me, of time, of anything.

Can you relate? Have you forgotten to dream or are you dreaming small—drip-drop— dreams? Are you too often alone and isolated? Is the everyday DOing in your life just plain hard? Have you been playing it a bit too safe, or have you been afraid to move in any direction?

If you have been living in a less-than-you way, step out of the shadows and drop your strenuous doing. C’mon out. It’s time for some good news. Are you ready? Here comes the boom!

The time is now to kindle your dreams. You need not try harder. You only need to patiently and fervently trust that where you are is just right. Each and every step of the way, you have been mysteriously and dynamically prepared by your own heart, by life, and by those around you to be where you are right now on this jOURney.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, imagine what your dream looks and feels like. Your dreams and desires are being lit up. Get ready for the Boom! of what will happen as it kindles.

Start here and now, right where you are, whether in the carpool line;
at home doing laundry;
at your office or shop;
driving a cab, tuck-tuck, or rickshaw;
making pasta, samosas, posh, or arepas;
caring for young children or elderly parents;
entering college or starting a new career in the middle of life;
loving work or hating it; hopeful or hopeless.
You were made for this.
You’re not alone.


BE Still. Surrender.

Surrender. Silence. Stillness.
Take some long, deep breaths.
Relax your muscles from the tip of your head to your toes.
Enjoy being, just being, for a few moments.
Stop moving, racing, thinking, planning.
Stay here for ten seconds or ten minutes.


Ponder. Go Deeper.

What phrases or images struck you as you read the words above? These are crumbs and clues for the road ahead, meant just for you. Sit with them. Explore what connections there are in your life today to these morsels of insight.

What comes to you as you consider your drip-drop dreams and desires? Do you see a small dream that might grow, bit by bit, into a bigger, perhaps even an oceanic, one? Have you been living in a smaller-than-is-really-you vision of yourself? Where in your life, in your dreams, would you like a Boom! of ignition?


Engage. Commit.

Do one thing today for the pure joy of it, with no anticipated outcome other than your enjoyment. Whether it’s what you eat, listen to, watch, do, or who you spend time with … this is all about connecting with your heart’s desire, your longing in an every- day way. This is kindling your dreams.


For a guided Place of Pause (PoP), check out this PDF reading from Soulfully Ablaze, the video below about today’s PoP, or the complete video series (all are free) of 10-minute PoPs.



You are what the world has been waiting for in all your real-ness and splendor-ness.
Sometimes all it takes is a bit of fuel to get that fire going.
In the economy of love’s ways,
there is always plenty.

With love as the fuel for who you are and for what you do,
you are more than enough.

Your dreams and desires are
where your vision, your what,
and your why are planted,
where you come alive and where
the crescendo of your life is fueled.

Your purpose on the planet is ROOTED here.
The time is now to kindle your dreams —whether brand new or old—
and strengthen your heart
to believe that the time is now.
As you do, get ready for the sonic boom that will set your life aglow.


I share these PoPs because boy, oh, boy! Do I ever need ’em! And, I hope that they create a place in which you can BE STILL, FILL UP with peace, and navigate all that is wild and crazy in life with strength and courage. There is much clamoring for our attention 24-7 with LOUD, FEAR-based, PANIC-inducing messages – but let’s practice peace, together, amidst these stormy days. Not only are we better, together, but dare I say that our lives depend on it now more than ever?

Slow down. Don’t rush. Be still.
As you do, remember:
You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🙏🏻🌏

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