I just returned from visiting my family in Washington State. (Oh, what a JOY it was to be with each one of them after nearly two years!) The very first morning, as I stood with a steaming cup of coffee in my parents’ cozy kitchen, my mom shared this quote with me …

“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.
Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life.”
-Dallas Willard

These words drew me in and have not stopped speaking to me. In fact, for two weeks now, I’ve been “chewing” on them.

Truth be told, I hurry – a lot.

After so many years of practice, I’m drawn – once again – to “unlearn” patterns of hurry in my thinking, speaking, and doing.
I have much I dream, love, and feel compelled to do.
I see evidence of how hurry makes me rigid, preoccupied with myself, dismissive of others, distracted … unable to rest, to move with trust, grace, and ease.

Hurry is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to slow down … to pause.
And so, I keep at the practice of pausing in practical ways, because without intentional practice, I quite naturally return to the familiar habits of rushing and hurrying.

Here are my 4 not-hurrying practices for this season of life:
     1 – No running. Even if I feel rushed, I practice not running (or speeding when driving a car). This has proved to provide lots of levity and surprise at how often I race through my work or physically rush.
     2 – Do less. I practice not stacking my calendar. I allow space for the unexpected and to respond with soulful wisdom to the inevitable obstacles and unanticipated happenings in work and everyday life.
     3 – Get good rest. I set my alarm so that I get at least 7 hours – 8 hours is better! – of sleep.
     4 – Allow ample time for my morning “PoP” (Place of Pause). Of all of the things to not rush or hurry, it is this sacred space. I have much right now that I want to prayerfully and soulfully inquire about … plans, projects, possibilities in my work and family life. I know this is where my roots are strengthened to make my way through life’s storms and easy days, alike.

Truth be told, for me, hurry – and being empowered to not hurry – is connected to my spiritual journey … to my very life. Hurry eclipses my experience of the sacred, of God with me in my everyday life. When I hurry or rush, I sometimes miss the great gift that God and the Spirit, are always with me and surround me with great love.

Always. Here. Now. 

In this sacred-everyday-life-way, not hurrying becomes a declaration of trust. I don’t need to hustle to make something of myself, for I believe, there is One who does that in me and for me … far beyond what I can do on my own.

And, so, I keep practicing … and it is why I believe, with all my heart, in the gift and necessity of pausing.

It is why PAUSING is so vital to our Seeds work and is part of our manifesto.

We BELIEVE in Pausing. ❤️
Soul care sustains a life of interconnection and service.

Soul rest and self-care matter to us.
So does a lifetime of inspired action.

In the midst of the raw and real of everyday life,
we practice places of pause – individually and collectively.

We practice being still in contemplation
to discern our next steps and leaps.

Here, we find what we most need
when life is tough and gentle, beautiful and messy,
daring and vulnerable.

What connects in YOUR STORY from this belief and my story about pausing and hurrying? Take a moment to think about what you believe in, to consider what really, REALLY matters to you. What phrases or words capture your attention and connect with what’s going on in your everyday life right now? Hold ’em close. Ponder. Explore. What treasures are here, right here, waiting for you to discover?

Check out this PoP (Place of Pause) about a tale of an inspiring global movement that began with a pair of hair-cutting scissors. I have a hunch you’ll find a bit of your own story right here.

YOU are loved.
YOU belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🌈🌏

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