I am PERSUADED that each and every person on the planet is destined to be an everyday philanthropist, that giving feels good and sets our lives aglow, and radical generosity is part of each person’s one-of-a-kind purpose. ( … I’m curious – how does that notion strike you? … )

I believe that when we do so, we find ways to respond to crises like the Coronavirus pandemic (and all of its ripples into the daily life of most of our sisters and brothers ’round the world) with real-time compassion and innovation.

Today and together, let’s dispute the suggestion that philanthropy is an exclusive club only for those deemed wealthy. Today and together, let’s dispute that the only thing that matters and makes a difference is giving in “big” ways. Instead, today and together, let’s create a movement of everyday philanthropists in which everyone is welcome and all gifts are celebrated.

When we commit to BEing and DOing life together, we then become part of something big. It then becomes the stuff of movements, powerfully rooted in and growing out of the everyday.

This sort of philanthropy is about an unrestrained generosity rooted in the reality of your everyday life. It finds ways to share with others the treasure trove of whatever you have and whatever you love. It elevates the way you spend your time and what you talk about with friends. It finds opportunities to travel to places and volunteer with people who captivate your heart. It makes a difference with something as ordinary as shopping, declaring that how and where you shop will be done with a commitment and connection to your sisters and brothers near and far.

I believe with all my heart, that if many of us commit to such simple and everyday actions – to voice what matters to us with our dollars, with our time, and in our conversations – this change will be even more likely to have an impact.

I also am convinced that a life of making a difference is for you.
It is not for someone else,
for others who seem more privileged,
who seem to have greater bandwidth or capacity,
who seem to be “world-changing types.”
I believe that you have gifts aplenty to give
that can make a mighty difference in the world.
It is for you,
for all of us … right here, right now.
The movement that will be unleashed
when we live as generously unrestrained philanthropists
will light up the world.

(Excerpt from Soulfully Ablaze)


3 nudges for inspired ACTion to explore and fuel this notion of being an everyday philanthropist:

1 – enJOY the below mini PoP right now and explore what being an EVERYDAY PHILANTHROPIST in life looks like for you. Or, immerse yourself in the full PoP (a 10-minute reading/experience) that will encourage you to be still and surrender, to ponder and discern, and to engage and commit. (FREE)

2 – WATCH this 10-minute PoP on being an EVERYDAY PHILANTHROPIST, peruse the playlist this week and pick out a few other PoPs that intrigue you, or dive right in and commit to the whole 40-day video journey in which I guide you through 40 daily 10-minute PoPs. (FREE on your favorite social media platform: FacebookIGTV | YouTube)

3 – READ a brand-new book crafted by a powerFULL soul sistah, Sarah Jackson, that drops this week! (More info below…)


Place of Pause

(This is the third of five summer vocational nudges we began with BRIDGE-BUILDERS and then WARRIORS. In all of these intense vocational callings, I have come to wholly believe that the robust rhythms of PoPs are crucial. Today, continue your PHILANTHROPIST exploration here with a mini or full PoP shared from Soulfully Ablaze.

Whether you feel rich or poor,
with much or little to give …
whether wearing a hat of philanthropist is brand new or ancient for you,
let it all go.
Doing and talking time will come. This is quiet time.
This is being time.
Bask in the silence.
Be here.
Let go. Fill up.

PONDER. Regardless of the amount of money in your bank account, what treasure(s) do you have in your life that would feel good, amazing, emPOWERing to share? Be creative and innovative here: think about time, your professional or creative expertise, your personal story, the things you already own that could be shared or loaned to people, conversations through- out your day, or your shopping budget.

ENGAGE. Shift shopping into a philanthropic act one time this week and choose an item that is certified “fair trade” or comes directly from a source that promises to pay its work- ers well.  … full PoP


Everyday Philanthropy

SARAH JACKSON, my beloved friend and sister, is a powerFULL picture of being an everyday philanthropist with her life. Founder of Casa de Paz, Sarah and her community are passionate to bring families together who have been separated by immigrant detention.

I’m super excited to share with you the release of her brand new book (comin’ out this week!). I was lucky enough to read it a few months back and let me just say this: You’ve gotta check it out!!! It’s called, The House the Love Built. It shares an intimate glimpse of the story of why she opened her door to immigrants and how hope was found beyond a broken system.

On the back of the book, it says this – which I love and wholly agree with: “Ultimately, Sarah’s journey illuminates how hope can be restored through simple yet radical acts of love.” Whew – powerFULL stuff, aye?

Check it out for some spectacular summer reading.


Have a blessed and beautyFULL day, my friend.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️