TODAY, A 2-FOLD NUDGE-CALL: Rise up and relax.

I believe that letting go – living relaxed – frees us. It is an exhale. It humbles us. It is peaceful. Whether for you, it’s about being buffered from the illusion that you can or ought to try to save the world, protects you from being burned out by the burden of overzealousness, or just gives you some much needed space to be … this matters so very much today. (Don’t you think that in these difficult days, relaxing, letting go, and surrendering is needed more than ever?)

Let’s take a moment to practice relaxing – together – right here and right now.

My friend, take a beat right here, right now.
Don’t worry, contemplate, or think. Just be.
Perhaps, close your eyes.
Soften your gaze, your jaw, your brow.
Breathe – long and deep. Exhale – long and deep.
– Again. – 2 more times, inhale and exhale.
Be still. Ahh.

Consider: What draws you in to let go and live more relaxed today?
Consider, too: Take another moment to be still and breathe. Ask yourself, “How am I drawn to rise up and tangibly care for another today?”

Relax and rise up. (Yes, both!) I believe herein lies one of those complementary both/ands of soulful living. These opposites are often connected. Today, listen for the dual invitation to relax, let go, and surrender … and to rise up, standTALL, and unstoppably care for those around you, lighting up the world with your purpose on the planet.


So, my friend – here are 3 nudges for inspired ACTion to explore and fuel RELAXING and RISING UP today.

1 – EXPLORE how relaxing and rising up might ignite your life today in this PoP. Take a few minutes for this 10-minute reading/experience that will enCOURAGE you to be still and surrender, to ponder and discern, and to engage and commit.

2 – WATCH this 10-minute PoP tied to relaxing and rising up, peruse the playlist this week and pick out a few other PoPs that intrigue you, or dive right in and commit to the whole 40-day video journey in which I guide you through 40 daily 10-minute PoPs. Facebook | IGTV | YouTube

3 – CHECK OUT the replay of my conversation below with my soul sistah, Lauren Jacobs – storyteller and gender equity activist who joins us from her home in South Africa.


Seeds Storyteller Series

IN THIS REPLAY OF AN EPISODE of the Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis, I talk with Lauren Jacobs. Joining us LIVE from SOUTH AFRICA, she shares about her callings to speak out and write stories that bring hope, truth, and change. We talk about why Lauren believes it is vital in this time of global struggle to give ourselves permission to be unproductive and the gift of taking time to allow our passions and desires to make a difference to RISE UP and become woven into our stories. Facebook | IGTV | YouTube

WHAT you can look forward to in this conversation: 
– ARMCHAIR TRAVEL to South Africa, where Lauren lives. Hear what is happening amidst the Coronavirus pandemic today in her community.
– enCOURAGEMENT to create safe spaces for yourself and others during this crisis where raw emotions can be shared and held authentically.
– PERMISSION to not be productive and to be more present than ever.
– NUDGE to keep it real and be STRONGer than you think you are.
– Unexpected GIFTS of clarity and quiet that have come to Lauren during lock down.
– GUIDED moment to BE STILL and take a “PoP” (Place of Pause) together with a specific idea or two for you to take into your everyday life and practice on your own or with your family so you can experience peace and strength within these stormy days.

More amazing stories, quotable words of wisdom, connection links with Lauren, and nudges for inspired ACTion here.



Have a blessed and beautyFULL day, my friend.

You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️