Join us for The Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis in which we’ll be talking with a vibrant mother-daughter duo. “Momma” Sue Davison and “Nana” Carol Ziegler will be sharing stories about “Living Hopeful & Happy Amidst Everyday Life & Epic Struggles” … which they both do with great grace. Get ready to laugh (they are VIRAL Family Feud contestants, after all – and yes, we’ll play a clip or 2*!) and learn from these wise elders a few tangible ways to move through these challenging days with courage, together.

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*Want a glimpse why ”Miss Carol” (our Nana!) was the most-watched contestant on the gameshow, Family Feud, in 2017 (where host, Steve Harvey, told her that she was his “most favorite contestant of all time”!)? Check out this 1-minute video clip of one of Nana’s belly-laughing answers.



WHY this matters to me:

These women are two of my most beloved mentors in life, and I learn something from them each and every time we are together. I am blessed with an intimate glimpse of the wellspring of their deep wisdom, as Momma Sue is my mom-in-law and Nana is grandma-in-law. I asked them to share a bit of their story, because I believe they will enCOURAGE and inspire you in your everyday life TODAY.

You’ll hear them passionately and intimately speak about how their faith in God roots and sustains their lives. I hope that whether you share their faith, have little or big differences in how you connect with God, that you will find some inspiration in their stories.


WHAT you can look forward to in this conversation:

– HOPE from Momma Sue and Nana as they share how faith, family, and friendship fuel them each and every day – whether they are in a season of joy or pain

– HILARITY from these 2 women who are roommates and best friends … called the “Golden Girls” by their friends

– TANGIBLE inspiration for how you might create your own feel-good daily rhythms during quarantine

– GUIDED moment to BE STILL and take a “PoP” (Place of Pause) together with a specific idea or two for you to take into your everyday life and practice on your own or with your family so you can experience peace and strength within these stormy days


NUDGES for inspired ACTion:

1 – PONDER what one of Sue and Nana’s passions to “LOVE ONE ANOTHER” means to you today – in this season of global struggle and the Coronavirus Pandemic – commit to 1 act of LOVE to a stranger or friend today

2 – PICK UP A BOOK that encourages & inspires you today. 1 of Momma Sue’s favorites right now is “Anxious for Nothing”

3 – CHECK IN and ask yourself if there is a part of Nana and Momma Sue’s story that sparked something in your own spiritual journey?

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ABOUT the Seeds Storyteller Series:

Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis | Stories of community, compassion, and creativity in the midst of everyday life, today. We share these stories about everyday difference-makers with you in the midst of the Corona pandemic so you can be informed, inspired, and ignited to care for yourself and others in the midst of these disrupted and challenging days. Get ready to find a bit more of your story as you listen to the stories of ARTivists (artist-activists), students, parents, elders, entrepreneurs, and activists!


xo,  -Sarah Davison-Tracy ❤️🙏🏻🌏