Destiny  B E C K O N S ❤️


How are you this day, my friend? Today, it’s in my heart and on my mind to invite you to COURAGEously claim that you are here with a breathtaking destiny. Tend to the dreams and desires that are beckoning for your attention.

Let’s do this: Commit to making our way, together.

But we can’t go far or long without regular rhythms to take a beat and breath to BE still. So, for a moment, pause, my friend.

Our brains often zing at lightning speed.
Our bodies can endeavor to keep up
with the endless lists, needs, and opportunities.
But here, invite the buzzing, the zinging,
to stop.
Here, there is peace, there is rest.
Just breathe and be.

As you keep taking those deep breaths, remember: If you don’t know your exact next steps, your whys, your hows, or your whats, not to worry. They’re coming. When you see your next step, take it. Know that it will be unique to you. The ways you decide to express what you want to do and how you want to do it will look different from other people’s. (Thank goodness!)

Read a bit more about stoking the fire of your life’s why (and who, what, when, and where) in this 5-minute excerpt “Waiting for You“, with a 3-fold Place of Pause (PoP) of being still, pondering, and engaging – from my Ablaze books.

We talked about this very theme throughout our Seeds Storyteller Series conversations this month with three incredibly AHmazing soul sistahs. In the links to the stories below, I believe you will be greatly inspired and find a bit more of your own story. Pause and take a look and listen.

Listen to or watch this month’s conversations on your next drive, walk, or work out!

Julie Gaede … Trauma rehabilitation for refugees & people affected by war with | Uganda & Iraq


Sarah Ray … Business skills for those experiencing poverty = Freedom, love & abundance


Brandi Lea … Stories of unstoppable bravery, sisterhood, and love with | Uganda


My friend, remember to email me any requests for prayer or extra love/juju.
Don’t go it alone. ❤️

You are loved.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🌍🙏🏻