AS I LOOK AT chasms of division and dissension in the world, I am persuaded that there is another way – not just for “the world out there,” but for each of us, in our everyday lives.

What would shift, expand, and become more spacious if we each embraced a bridge-building way of life – especially when we are tempted to lose heart? What if we committed to focus more on the invitation to build a bridge than be distressed by the division … whether it’s within ourselves, with someone near and dear to us, or with someone distant and different? How might this way of life plant seeds of hope – green, fresh, and deeply rooted – that grow and flourish in us?

“Hope is being able to see that
there is light
despite all of the darkness.”
-Desmond Tutu

Let me share a bit about what we believe at Seeds about bridges. I hope that it resonates and connects with what’s going on in your life these days.

Claiming and crafting this bridge-building vocation will reorient your gaze and your gifts. It is nothing less than REVolutionary. Your thoughts, words, and actions may be distinctively different. Your actions will ripple out and grow from you, making the world a bit brighter, a bit better.

We BELIEVE in Bridges. ❤️
We celebrate differences and find places of connection.

We actively reach out to others
who are wildly and wonderfully different from us.

We cultivate connections and exchanges that change us …
and the world.
Whether in strategic partnerships
or sitting down to tea with someone whose ways are unfamiliar,
connecting across cultures amidst everyday life is foundational to us.

Hmmmm, I wonder … what connects in YOUR STORY from this belief about bridges? Take a moment to think about what you believe in, to consider what really, REALLY matters to you. What phrases or words capture your attention and connect with what’s going on in your everyday life right now? Hold ’em close. Ponder. Explore. What treasures are here, right here, waiting for you to discover?

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YOU are loved.
YOU belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🌈🌏

P.S. Check out this PoP (Place of Pause) about building bridges in your everyday life. It’s about celebrating difference and finding places of similarity that take your breath away, filling life with more palpable purpose and connection than ever before.