IN THIS NOTE, I’m SO excited to share with you – at long last – a treasure trove of videos from one of our amazing Denver Seeds Storyteller Series events. Get ready for some armchair travel to UGANDA and to hear from some magnificent friends of mine who share some stories to inspire, inform, and ignite YOUR LIFE … right here and right now!

These friends inspire me to the core. They remind me that hope is alive, that there is beauty rising out of the ashes in our world. I always come away from being with them having learned something about the world, discovered something about myself, and with some nudges for my next steps to make a difference locally and globally. (I have a hunch the same will be true for you.)


2 nudges for inspired ACTion to fuel your beautyFULL life today:

1 – CHECK OUT our star-studded Seeds Storyteller Series | Uganda line-up. Links to each storytelling session are below from these remarkable friends who are using their gifts and passions to serve single moms, widows, orphans, refugees, film-making ARTivists, teachers, children, and those who are hungry in their community. Extensive in scope, the lives of these empowering and everyday changemakers will enCOURAGE you. Pick one or a few to watch/listen to today.

2 – Take a Pop about cultivating ROBUST RHYTHMS that just might inspire and ignite you today.

  • READ and enJOY the below mini PoP or immerse yourself in the full PoP (a 10-minute reading/experience) that will encourage you to be still and surrender, to ponder and discern, and to engage and commit.
  • WATCH this 10-minute PoP  or peruse the playlist this week and pick out a few of the other PoPs that intrigue you, or dive right in and commit to the whole 40-day video journey in which I guide you through 40 daily 10-minute PoPs. (On your favorite social media platform: FacebookIGTV | YouTube)


Place of Pause


Take this moment,
whatever time of day it is,
wherever you find yourself,
and just be.
This is not the time to do, think, plan, consider.
Stay here, for a few or many minutes.

PONDER. What might be ways for you to take a pause midday or end your day that will feel good, fuel you, and bring renewed strength and vitality into your life? Try them. See which ones you like most, and commit to regularly cultivating them in your life.

ENGAGE. Commit to a pocket of time today to be in silence, when there is typically noise and conversation. Try it. Turn off the radio, your TV, maybe even play with having a meal in silence with those in your life … explore what bubbles up. If you like it, do it again tomorrow. … full PoP


My friend, may your eyes see ripples
of beauty and possibility all around you,
here and now.

May you know the things
to which to say yes and no,
making plentiful space
for a life that blossoms beyond
your biggest dreams and greatest fears.

May courage and conviction
eclipse anxiety for your next steps and leaps.

May your vision be deeply rooted
and grow expansively beyond
what you ever thought possible.

May you live bold and brave among your tribe
of your mighty human family and the Sacred.

May your heart be both soft and fierce,
fueling you to hope and love big. 

(Excerpt from Soulfully Ablaze)


You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.
Let’s standTALL together and light up the world!

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️


PS – Thanks so very much for all of the kind check-ins, blessings for healing, and prayers. I’ll send more of an update as soon as I know more about what’s going on with my health. But, for now, I doing just fine: Laying low, doing less, spending some extra time with my man and my kids, and feeling great peace as I move through my days with lots of prayer and PoP practice.