we foster & ignite connection with purpose

In 2006, Sarah Davison-Tracy launched Seeds of Exchange with a vision to build a robust and committed village in order to support the enterprises and well-being of our sisters and brothers globally.  

Seeds of Exchange fosters and ignites connections through

  • supporting dynamic collaborations locally and globally
  • creating community events and opportunities for transformative service
  • promoting engaged travel for social good
  • sharing these stories to encourage individual and community compassion, purpose, and love

Contact us {sarah@seedsofexchange.org}

Sarah Davison-Tracy

Sarah Davison-Tracy is the founder of Seeds of Exchange.
She loves cultivating an organization that encourages us all to say YES
to our unique and one-of-a-kind gifts to be and do.
{She cannot wait to hear more about YOUR story and passions in life…}

Sarah is committed to fostering flourishing lives and opposing systems of injustice.
No one…not women, children, or their families should be trafficked, enslaved, silenced and abused.

May we make room in our hearts, in our lives, for ALL to feast and celebrate together.
Everyone BE{longs} at this table of life.

DTs_Denver-183 - Version 2For much of my life, my heart has been quickened by the stories
of women and their families around the world,
particularly those who are vulnerable and without freedom {yet}.

Capturing my heart right now is a community,
a caste – called the “Badi” – in Nepal.
Until this generation, Badi girls have 1 choice for work
when they are born: enforced prostitution – sexual slavery.

Some of these women have become my BE{loved} friends
and part of our Seeds kula {community}.
A growing number of Badi in this generation are free
for the first time in many, many years.
Free from sexual trafficking, slavery…
free to be educated, to have dreams and hope for the future.

I am exploring a project in collaboration with these friends to write their extraordinary story…the world needs to hear it + they are ready to VOICE it.

I am fueled for this amazing work by Love.
Loving and being loved by God, my sistas and brothas near and far. -Sarah DT

Sarah is married to a most-remarkable man, Brandon, has 2 treasured children, Sophia / 12 and Micah / 8, and lives in Denver, Colorado.