The purpose of this post is to provide a place for our people in Ukraine and around the world to get information in one place about the filters, how to use them, and to connect you to our friends at Vivoblu so we can provide clean, safe water around the world, TOGETHER.

UKRAINE: May through August, 2022, the Seeds of Exchange Giving Fund raised over $60,000 in order to provide 930 water filters, which will serve 14,000 Ukrainians for 2-3 years with safe, clean water. Our founder, Sarah Davison-Tracy, went to Ukraine in May and August, and witnessed first-hand why water is urgently needed by soldiers, medics, first responders, as well as citizens in occupied territories and cities with damaged infrastructure due to war. On each trip, the team developed relationships with on-the-ground trusted partners in the government, non-profit, and and private sectors so we can continue to deploy these filters over the coming months as quickly as we are able.


Updated December 13, 2022 – At this time, our trusted partner for donations for ongoing humanitarian aid to Ukraine is Young Life Ukraine, who is currently raising funds to provide generators and Vivoblu water filters to care for the people of Ukraine. Donate & learn more


Quick glance of the Vivoblu Smart-Clean™ filter:

  • It is the safest, easiest, and fastest cleaning method of any filter on earth. No Backwashing. No extra tools.
  • It removes 99.99999% bacteria, protozoa, and cysts.
  • The 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter provides the highest level of purity achievable with a gravity-based system.
    Built for the toughest environments, Vivoblu filters are built to last in any environment and all conditions.

More details about the Vivoblu filter:

  • Submerged filter that resides in the water source
  • Made with food grade plastics
  • Flow rate is approximately 2 liters/minute
  • Patent-pending design does not require backwash, clean by rinsing
  • Removable hard shell
  • When in use, hard shell protects filter from debris, damage
  • Hardshell removes for easy rinsing and cleaning
  • Permanently tethered to filter to prevent part loss
  • Shell ventilation system allows for optimal flow
  • Twist lock shell reduces part loss
  • Unlocks for easy cleaning
  • Inner filter cage
  • Protects filter from damage due to handling while cleaning
  • Angular cage design for optimal rinsability
  • Extended life with replaceable filter (internal filter with cage included)
  • Under normal use, filter will last more than 3 years

Videos for how to use:


Other helpful videos on how to use and clean your Vivoblu filter:

Vivoblu began with a mission to impact lives through clean, safe water. The founder, John DeYoung, a street child in Korea until the age of 6, started Vivoblu to serve others like him with clean water solutions that would actually last in the harsh conditions of the developing world. Their first customers were kids in impoverished communities in India and villagers in remote Rwanda. They’ve since grown into a global product company.