Welcome to The Seeds Storyteller Series: Difference-Making During the Corona Crisis. We’ll be talking with a family that has transformed their separation into compassionate service in INDIA. Hear the inspiring story of how Malika Lima, her husband Lima Aklant, and her cousin Anjali Zaidi – are together now making food for and distributing 350 food packages, masks, and handmade soap to those who are living in poverty, hungry, and in lockdown in their city.

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I have been friends with Lima and Malika for many years – and was honored to meet Cousin Anjali recently! – and I have LOVED hearing how they are serving their community, in the midst of being separated due to the Coronavirus lockdown in India. Malika was visiting her momma when the lockdown mandates were issued and so she is now there with her kids in the city of Allahabad, about 5 hours from their home – where Lima is currently – in Lucknow.

Malika’s family in Allahabad are now cooking food for 350 people who are living in poverty and on the streets. They tuck the food (rice, dal, fruit) into little packets and pile into their car for delivery around the city. They’re also making soap and masks so that the poor in their community can be protected.

Get ready to discover your next steps (or leaps!) of inspired ACTion to make a tangible difference amidst these challenging days of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consider this an ARMCHAIR TRAVEL & virtual visit to India – hear what is happening in the cities where our friends are living and serving amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


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