My heart and prayers are with you, particularly if you are feeling tired, exhausted, just plain worn out … or in pain or sick. I know how hard it can be to be sick and not feeling well. (Head to the P.S. below for a brief Davison-Tracy family health update.)

Today I’d like to share a blessing with you for your body, mind, and spirit. It brings to mind one of my favorite words. In Nepal, they have a word I love, particularly when it comes to things that cannot be rushed or forced. It is “bistari,” which means “slowly.” Bistari beckons us to move gently, intentionally, and without rushing.

Bistari to your body, mind, and spirit today.

Go slowly – even if you cannot cease from your labors
of caring for your kids,
going to work or school, or
tending to your to do’s.

Breathe deeply.
Soften and surrender.

Embrace bistari, amidst the doing. Whisper, “I can slow down for a moment to pause … to BE.” Welcome whatever you most need to quietly and surely well up within you and offer what you most need.

Pause and ponder if there is a way (or two) that you can move with a bit more bistari today … and tomorrow … and the next day. If you have ten minutes, sit back and allow me to guide you through a PoP (Place of Pause) about dreams and desires.

If you’re feeling great, hooray!! (Truly, I am cheering for you!) Take a moment to bring someone you love to mind who is facing a health challenge right now … or someone you’ve seen on the news who is experiencing a lack of security and safety, perhaps without food, a home, or a community of support.

This is at the heart of our current fundraising and community focus to care for one family through our Afghan Evacuee Assistance fund. I do not believe any human being can save the world … but, T O G E T H E R , we can care for one another in small and tangible ways that can indeed make a difference.

If you are interested in joining our Seeds community in our care for a family who has been evacuated from Afghanistan, there are a few ways you can join us (from anywhere in the world).



When you do, JOIN our giving community by setting up an automated/monthly donation which will be initially applied to this fundraiser AND make your impact effortless and significant throughout the year | Donate HERE



Whether you live far from our city of Denver or right in the neighborhood, you can help! Email me and I’ll add you to our volunteer list, so that as soon as we’re paired with a family, you can be notified of what is needed with opportunities to personally connect and care for our Afghan sisters and brothers.


OK, my friend, I’ll wrap up with a few nudges: Don’t rush. Be still. Look for ways to slow down and move with bistari in your daily life.

As you do, remember:
You are loved.
You belong.
We belong to each other.

xo, -Sarah DT ❤️🙏🏻🌏


P.S. Health update on Brandon. Although his vision has not returned in his eye, I have never known him to be so strong, so wise, so focused. We’ve tried all kids of therapies and healing protocols in a bunch of different modalities of medicine, and healing has not yet come. One of his eyes hovers between 80-90% loss of vision. He has returned to work, full time, and he is finding a renewed sense of purpose and love for his calling to care for kids’ health and he feels it’s more important than ever to do so. So, in a word, all is well with Brandon – even though he has not experienced the healing for which he hoped.

And, for me – after experiencing a year of ill health due to COVID long-hauler symptoms for most of 2020, I feel GOOD. This year has been a rich one of finding healing with various health practitioners – from beloved acupuncturists to doctors to physical therapists to coaches. I am grateFULL with all my heart for the many ways in which this treasure trove of healers have provided relief, strength, and healing. I have never been so thankful to feel healthy. Ahh!