One of the pieces of our work in Nepal is creating and hosting with our Nepalese partners a conference in Tikapur, Nepal [March 3-6]. We are told that there will be somewhere between 550-850 women. Our conference theme is this…

SOE-Blog1-LR_I am Beloved-worthy-belong

This is a revolutionary and empowering message to women who were legally-freed from generations of indentured slavery just 10 years ago and experience great marginalization due to caste, gender, and religious oppression.

I wrote the below piece on my birthday last year and I am reading it as part of my speaking session about being loved and valued.


Do you hear it?

No?  Then, I will whisper it.

You are loved.

Like, crazily, over-the-top-ly, fully.


Loved. Celebrated. Cherished. Delighted in.

You are Loved.  beLoved.

Take it in.

Inhale it.

Let it take root.  Flourish.

The courtroom

– judgments and words of

“too much/not enough” …

“good/bad” …

“beautiful/ugly” –

It’s adjourned.

Over. Now. And tomorrow. And the next day.

And the ones after…to infinity.

Imagine the possibilities!

Oh, baby, the places you’ll go!

You are free to be you.


Take your place at the table in this feast of life!