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When darkness overwhelms, a message of HOPE

We have a passionate purpose to create an experience within our kula {community} of Seeds of Exchange in which all are welcome at the table, at this feast, of life.  How might we cultivate extravagant hospitality to the parts of ourselves – and in one another – that are afraid, repulsed, apathetic, overwhelmed or traumatized by the darkness, gut-wrenching pain and hatred […]

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Selvi and our KULA

  Several weeks ago, I was delighted and honored to participate on a panel following the screening of the remarkable film, Driving with Selvi, organized by The United Nations Association of Denver. Many beautiful and powerful RIPPLES have emerged to share. May they inspire and ignite you this day.   Quick Glance. {This post is so full of […]

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Bags of Love Ripples

Last month, co-hosted by the extraordinary Brady family + StandUP, 25 kids + their parents spent the afternoon together, making bags of love to share with those on the streets of Denver. We talked about compassion, life callings + love. “There is something amazing that happens when people come together in the spirit of making a […]

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3G’s {Gratitude, Giving, Grace} | US, Congo, Nepal, Costa Rica

In the midst of the holiday season – many thing can push, pull and overwhelm. Possibilities fill up our inboxes, mailboxes, calendars from friends and family, organizations and work. For many years, at Seeds of Exchange, we have been keen to create ways to give to and receive from one another with celebration, compassion, joy and wisdom.  In […]

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Operation Gratitude

Ready to be inspired by Operation Gratitude?  I begged my treasured soul sista, Amy Brady {founder of StandUP}, to tell us about this rich, simple and beautiful family tradition with our kula {community}.  ThankFULLy, she said YES, and wrote the story below for us.  I am delighted to share the wisdom of her kiddos, Danny {12 years old}, Ally {9 years old} […]

Global Projects Stories

Alisha’s rescue + return home | Nepal

There are great injustices in the world. There is a cry rising in me. It is NOT right that anyone be held as a slave EVER. And, yet – it’s happening, in our city and around the world – by the millions. I do not want to – will not – sit by and look […]

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Blessings + Prayers for Alisha | Nepal

We received these prayers, words of hope and blessing from our amazing Seeds kula {community} to share with Alisha, just days after her return home to Nepal after 21 years of being trafficked to and suffering atrocious abuse in the brothels of India.  If you have anything you’d like to add to these words of love, send them to me […]

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We asked for extravagant hospitality…y’all said YES! {Denver global village: Nepal}

Breathtaking.  Our friends from Nepal arrived on October 1 to a flood of gifts welcoming them to Denver.  There was such a steady flow of extravagance, that they needed an extra suitcase for their departure from Denver to contain it all!  {Ohhhhh, yeah!  That’s what we’re talkin’ about, right, friends?} Here is one of the beautiful things […]