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Untouchable film

We were recently connected with Grant Knisely, a genius director & producer of the critically-acclaimed film, Untouchable:  Children of God. Grant has a visionary and passionate commitment to his work – he has risked his life to tell these stories…and he does so most powerfully.  We will likely be spending time with some of the Badi women in […]

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“For you, special price!” [Seriously – check this out.]


Our dear friend Amy Brady, founder of StandUP, has offered our Seeds kula [community] a fantastic and generous deal for her spring programs [Winter Intensive March 23-25 or Spring Mornings starting April 7]. I would love to have you join me and promise a life-changing experience!  If you do, I am happy to take $75 off the […]

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Seed Sips

Say Yes!

What If What if Just for a moment We stop And allow ourselves to believe That we are perfect Not just enough For that suggests a limitation in itself, Perfect Unimaginably dazzling Clothed in potential and possibility Howling with joyous abandonment For the richness of the landscape That frames our life Dancing every step Whether […]

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Collaboration: a thing of courage & beauty

This has been a season of saying yes and doing more of what I sense is my work to do… and less of what’s not. This has given me ample opportunities to find folks to help and partner with me on the [long] list of what is outside of my arena of strengths & gifts. […]

Seed Sips Stories

Invitations whispered: It’s a new year – be & do YOU.

There are often deep invitations being whispered to us that will bring such joy, fullness, peace, purpose, and love into more and more nooks and crannies of our lives. Simple as lighting a candle, making a cozy cup of tea, reading a book that fuels our imaginations, longings, hopes, making a phone call to hear […]

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Set your intentions & dream with care

Follow, follow the sun and which way the wind blows when this day is done. Breathe, breathe in the air. Set your intentions. Dream with care. Tomorrow is a new day for everyone, Brand new moon, brand new sun. So follow, follow the sun, the direction of the birds, the direction of love. Breathe, breathe […]

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When the thing to do today is not on our “to do” list.

I am a storyteller, kula [community] cultivator, one who fosters & ignites connection with purpose. What a gift is is to share inspirational, courageous, real tales of those I meet. Offering nuggets of life’s learnings from my own story. Listening to and doing what I can to companion those around me – near & far. What […]

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Bags o’ Love Extravaganza

Oh, friends, our 2nd Annual Bags o’ Love Extravaganza, was such a blast! 65 parents and kids came over to share some love, play, and celebrate.  A Bag of Love includes food, water, and treats which we tuck in our cars to share with folks asking for help on the street.  Now, instead of feeling […]

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High Energy Holidays with Amy Brady

Create a Vision.  Know Yourself.  Experience Joy – with Amy Brady, founder of StandUP. The holiday season is upon us.  How do you envision this season?  When the confetti has settled, the decorations have been boxed for another year and extended family has headed home, how do you want to feel?  If you were able to look back on the […]