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Inspirational courage – Jhola film

I just watched Jhola, a Nepalese film at the Denver Women + Film Festival.  It was breathtaking!  The acting was impassioned and inspired, the story was beautifully told, and the audience was abuzz with conversation after the credits stopped rolling. One of my favorite pieces of this story is the hope, courage, and tenacity that the […]

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Join me – Berni’s Journey

So proud of and inspired by my dear friend, Berni Slowey & her film, Berni’s Journey – showing this Sunday, March 22, at noon in Denver. [Deets below.] I’m going – join me! :}  Click here to buy tickets. Showing: Sunday, March 22, 12:00 PM Running Time: 62 Minutes Theater: Sie FilmCenter – Denver, Colorado Thursday, March 19th at […]

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Home – basking in the sunrise and new day ahead

First sunrise walk since we returned home from Nepal – headed to the water’s edge at the lake in City Park. Standing there, feeling the sun’s first light on me, I was deeply grateful for my extraordinary community [kula] … this beauty, fresh air, and abundant life today. I was also filled with such awe […]

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Crazy gratitude for our team as our journey ends

There is no way around it – this is an unbelievable gift and privilege to be working and adventuring with these three sisats…Wow. Vaun Swanson has been passionately engaged in this community collaboration in Nepal for many years. Everywhere we went, we heard stories of the ways in which she has compassionately, humbly, and extravagantly […]

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Biz folks of Pokhara

Loved crossing paths with each of these folks, while exploring, shopping, and adventuring in Pokhara. 3 generations – a student, shopkeeper, and tailor. Halil, father of one-year-old Sofa (pictured below – proudly sharing Sofa’s beauty with us via his cell) and selling stunning pashminas. 2 hospitable, kind, smiling sistas at the front desk of our […]

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Nepal – goodbye, for now

This morning, back in Kathmandu for a few hours before heading home, we picked up our baggage under the watchful eyes of monkeys hanging out on bamboo scaffolding and then headed over to a nearby hotel for one last goodbye to our dear friends & partners in this journey, Udaya & Bhakti. They generously loaded […]

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Phewa Lake [Pokhara]

Beauty. Such beauty. Am in love with Phewa Lake of Pokhara… with the foothills of the Himalayas gently rising up from its banks, fisherman hard at work, children splashing in the water, buffalo bathing, music floating over the lapping waves.