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Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog… image

Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog…

Join us as we IGNITE a community movement so that our global kula (community) is able to live with purpose, connection + dignity. We’re over-the-top-delighted + honored that you’re here, dear friends!  We’ve created this to be an inspiring place to exchange stories + grow together.  So, loves, explore, share your own tales…you belong here.  Come, sit, […]

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Build your community, your tribe. Take a step.

Stark, matte blackbird logo silhouette on whitewashed brick building, and vintage-style cage lighting hung above golden-brown bar and rich, pinewood tables – an environment beckoning us to gather tonight. It is in this chosen space that we discover beauty as perhaps a broadened perspective, as shared tears, the knowing kind of laughter…and total, delicious delight […]

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Light it up!

Lighting up the world, each of our gifts making it a bit brighter. This is one of the tenets we hold at Seeds of Exchange. Together, with you, we are IGNITING a global movement of connection, purpose, and dignity, for all. That sounds good, doesn’t it? But, dang – life is overwhelming sometimes. We know that […]

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Leaders of Leaps

This month’s inspiring leaders of leaps, as featured in our November newsletter: Adelyn Wall, 10 years | Founder of Art by Adelyn, a Colorado not-for-profit that raises money for The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital through the sale of her artwork. Find + like on Facebook. Pax Wall, 6 years | Bee-keeper who has a love of […]

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Leaping + Soaring … TOGETHER

I stand at the edge of the cliff. Oh, my. It’s a long way down. My parachute is strapped to my back and it’s up to me. It’s time to jump, I whisper. Heart pounding, my breath is short. I’ve never done this before. I know, I know: I must jump for the ‘chute to […]

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Crossing the threshold + saying YES

It is my humble and wholehearted hope that you will discover more of your story as you read mine. This is an intimate tale of courage, a circuitous journey, belonging, deepening trust, and saying yes.   For much of my life, stories of women and their families around the world, particularly those who are vulnerable and […]