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Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog… image

Welcome to our Seeds of Exchange blog…

We’re over-the-top-delighted & honored that you’re here, dear friends!  We’ve created this to be an inspiring place to exchange stories & grow together.  So, loves, explore, share your own tales…join our kula [community].  Come, sit, gather, stand up, ignite – this is gonna be good!  xo. This blog is about the power of both everyday […]

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Leaping + Soaring … TOGETHER

I stand at the edge of the cliff. Oh, my. It’s a long way down. My parachute is strapped to my back and it’s up to me. It’s time to jump, I whisper. Heart pounding, my breath is short. I’ve never done this before. I know, I know: I must jump for the ‘chute to […]

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Crossing the threshold + saying YES

It is my humble and wholehearted hope that you will discover more of your story as you read mine. This is an intimate tale of courage, a circuitous journey, belonging, deepening trust, and saying yes.   For much of my life, stories of women and their families around the world, particularly those who are vulnerable and […]

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What if you’re right where you’re supposed to be – here + now?

Last Friday’s “Shop. Learn. Connect.” film and community event was a.amaz.ing.  We shopped the beautiful goods of Anoothi US and Bill Rohs Art, learned together through the screening of Honor Diaries and our treasured panelists, and cultivated rich and plentiful connections throughout the evening. Our opening and closing message last week is the same one we’d like to share in this story.  In the […]

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Shop. Learn. Connect.

We are delighted and honored to partner with Embolden Alliances and Anoothi US to present a film screening of Honor Diaries, followed by a panel discussion and community dialogue infused with hope, friendship and love. Shop. Learn. Connect. – Join us – April 15 | 6:30-9 pm @ The American Mountaineering Center 710 10th Street, Room D – Golden – 80401 Artisan market open + […]

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When darkness overwhelms, a message of HOPE

We have a passionate purpose to create an experience within our kula {community} of Seeds of Exchange in which all are welcome at the table, at this feast, of life.  How might we cultivate extravagant hospitality to the parts of ourselves – and in one another – that are afraid, repulsed, apathetic, overwhelmed or traumatized by the darkness, gut-wrenching pain and hatred […]

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Selvi and our KULA

  Several weeks ago, I was delighted and honored to participate on a panel following the screening of the remarkable film, Driving with Selvi, organized by The United Nations Association of Denver. Many beautiful and powerful RIPPLES have emerged to share. May they inspire and ignite you this day.   Quick Glance. {This post is so full of […]